Mid-Atlantic Thresholds Participation

Mid-Atlantic THRESHOLDS is an umbrella organization of autonomous chapters that function in local communities to teach decision making skills to inmates.

  1. Thresholds in Delaware County offers the following assistance.
    • Criteria for assuring that the basic tenets are followed. See Terms of Agreement.
    • Teams from THRESHOLDS chapters to train new volunteers.
    • Current training materials.
    • Interaction with other chapters, and local representation on the Mid-Atlantic THRESHOLDS Board.
  2. The following pre-requisites are needed to establish a new Thresholds program.
    • Approval by a warden and/or the Prison Board.
    • A core group of  volunteers who are committed to leadership roles as well as teaching.
    • A small, but adequate, treasury.
  3. Chapter leadership should be committed to the following objectives.
    •  Recruitment of volunteers in the community.
    • Training and support of new volunteers.
    • Teaching inmates in both individual and group settings.
    • Guiding the organization as it becomes established.

Mid-Atlantic THRESHOLDS looks forward to working with you.  Our groups have been active in this endeavor for the past 37 years.  Our proven program enhances the quality of life for THRESHOLDS volunteers and inmates, and ultimately, the community to which they will return.

Please Contact

Mid-Atlantic Thresholds

P.O. Box  114, Thornton, PA 19373


[email protected]

Chapter Members of The Mid-Atlantic Thresholds Alliance

Thresholds in Delaware County, PA

Joanne Matteucci, Board President

Jerry Nowell, Vice-President


E-mail: [email protected]

Web site: www.thresholdsdelco.org

Chester County, PA

Richard Bergesen


E-mail: [email protected]

Web site: www.ThresholdsChesco.org

State of Delaware

Leonard Beck


E-mail: [email protected]

State of New York

Murthy Cheruvu


E-mail: [email protected]

Atlanta, Georgia

Jim Powers


E-mail: [email protected]

Mid-Atlantic Thresholds Terms of Agreement

For the establishment of new Thresholds Programs


A new program must be authorized by a majority vote of the Board of Mid-Atlantic Thresholds,

and the program must be taught in a correctional institution.


Teachers will be trained by members of Mid-Atlantic Thresholds chapters.

The Thresholds Volunteer Training Manual will be used as the basis for this training.


The six steps to decision making, and other essential components, will form the core of the Thresholds program. The Guide to Decision Making will be used with clients when teaching the program.


Traditionally Thresholds teachers have been volunteers.


A combination of Micro (one-on-one) and Macro (group) sessions is suggested.


Initially, representatives of the new organization will contact Mid-Atlantic Thresholds every

six months for review and suggestions.


New programs will reimburse Mid-Atlantic Thresholds for materials and training expenses.