The Six Steps

Habitual practice of these six steps, almost like training for a fire drill, allows a person to function with the ease of what some call “second nature”, permitting good decision making skills even under emotional pressure or timed deadlines.

Step One 1. Define the Situation
Step Two 2. Set the Goal
Step Three 3. Develop the Possibilities
4. Evaluate the Possibilities
5. Make the Decision
6. Implement the Decision


Each client receives a “work book” or Guide for these six steps, and the teachers lead the way with two companion “lesson plans:” one for group (macro) meetings and another for the one-on-one (micro) meetings. A client must complete all six steps in each curriculum to receive his or her graduation certificate. In addition to the Guides, Thresholds hands out a generous flow of information and motivational packages, for hundreds of inmates each year. If you think you would like to support some of these efforts click here to see some ways to help.