June 2012 Newletter


Annual Dinner Meeting and History of Thresholds’ 37 Years

Betty Green at dinner meeting of Thresholds in Delaware County, April 16, 2012

Betty Green Interviewed about our history in Delaware County

At our April 16 dinner meeting, our keynote feature was Jerry Nowell’s interview of Betty Green. Both Jerry and Betty are past-presidents and long time volunteers. Betty not only recalled the origins of our organization, she inspired us to move forward in our mission! Betty epitomizes the dedicated volunteers who keep us going. A review of the interview can be found on our website. Check it out! — but click on the History link in left hand border when you arrive at the home page.

The 2011 Volunteers of the Year were presented with awards:

Volunteer of the Year, Mary Lu Stephens

George W. Hill Volunteer, Carolyn Snape

SCI-Chester Volunteer, Jerry Nowell

Juvenile Detention Center Volunteer, Stacey O’Leary

New Volunteer of the Year, Diane Eichler

The Terrie McKay Award, in honor of our devoted past-president, was presented to Bob Rieck. A special award for Service to Thresholds was presented to James Swiggett, Program Manager of the Juvenile Detention Center.

Look for more photos and a copy of our 2011 Annual Report on our website.

About Us

Thresholds in Delaware County is an organization of volunteers who teach decision-making skills in the State Correctional Institution, Chester; the George W. Hill Correctional Facility, Thornton; and the Juvenile Detention Center, Lima PA.

Would you like to volunteer to teach? Contribute time or money to support our efforts? Or just get more information about our program to return people to the community better able to make good decisions about their lives? Please contact us. And help us reach more people by forwarding our newsletter.

Contact Information:

Jerry Duffy, Program Manager

Thresholds Office, P.O. Box 114, Thornton PA 19373


[email protected]




Moving Forward, with a little help from our friends

At the May 14 meeting of the Board of Directors, we began formulating our new Strategic Plan.

Consultant Sheila Burke, Coordinator of SCI-Chester Tina Stanton, Treasurer Bill Murphy

Sheila Burke, Director of World-Wide Communication for CSL Behring, has 20 years of experience in developing and rolling out public relations and communications plans for a variety of organizations. After learning about our mission and history, Sheila offered to help us look at options and generate plans for expanding our organizational and recruitment efforts. She will offer continued support as we establish our goals and turn them into objectives, with next steps and a timeline. In effect, Sheila is helping us put our own six-step decision-making process into practice!

As we plan for the future, we face large numbers of incarcerated individuals who want to take the Thresholds course at the same time that we face a tough economic climate in which to raise money to keep our work going. Thresholds provides tremendous service through our volunteers. We only raise money to provide teaching materials and part-time personnel to organize the programs at the county prison, George W. Hill, and the State Correctional Institution in Chester.(The coordination of the Juvenile Detention Center program is totally volunteer. Thank you, Jerry Nowell and crew!)

If you would like to help with fundraising, please contact Program Manager Jerry Duffy at the Thresholds Office. Donations may also be sent to that address. We appreciate your help and support.


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