Fran Cook, who died on March 16, had been a Thresholds volunteer for more than 25 years.   During that time she taught both Micro and Macro classes, led Volunteer Training Workshops, was our Executive Director and President of the Board.   Above all she was a dear friend, a […]

Deepest Sadness

Thank you for your interest in Thresholds in Delaware County. Thresholds is a non-profit organization that teaches a decision making program to interested inmates in Delaware County prisons. We recently celebrated our 40th anniversary of working in the prison systems in our area!!

Join Our Corps of Volunteers !!

We were all so proud to see our former President, Mary Ellen Goldfarb as the Profile of the Week in a 2013 Town Talk publication. She has worked so hard to make sure Thresholds in Delaware County continues its mission in Delaware County’s prisons. Please take a look and consider joining our […]

Former President Mary Ellen Goldfarb in the news….

[two_third]In 2009 Thresholds in Delaware County initiated a program aimed at helping our graduates re-enter society. Chester County Thresholds began a similar program shortly thereafter. Thresholds volunteers had long believed that our organization could do more to help our clients after they are released. To this end, a committee met […]

Re-Entry Program Helps Graduates Return to Society

[one_half][/one_half] [one_half_last]Study the black and white portrait in the left side panel. What do you see? When you change your thinking you change your perception. We see a young lady looking away, if we think of the necklace at bottom center. But we see an old women partially facing us, […]

Perception Exercise

Obtaining statistics on the effectiveness of inmate rehabilitation programs is very difficult, and always controversial. However, here is one Internet posting that spans a 20 year study which is worth considering. Note especially the stress on teaching “decision making skills,” which is the main mission of Thresholds. The research involves […]

Crime In America Study – The Up Hill Battle